Join Angelic Communicator & Energetic Healer Dr. Katana and Master Teacher & Spiritual Advisor Ana Reina as they take you on a journey to connect your soul with the highest realms.

Here's The


PROBLEM NEEDS TO BE SOLVED IN THIS PORTION....As you begin to awaken, you will be going through many unexplained symptoms and changes in your body and environment. Your conflicting thoughts can be overwhelming and you question your direction or what is going on in your life.


You have a certain urge and calling to really search within yourself and connect to a higher dimension. In this series, we dive into understanding this awakening process called the Ascension.

We begin Your Spiritual Journey here…

All this incredible knowledge was divinely given to Dr. Katana to make sure she shared it with all of you. You will not find these Katana Methods anywhere else.


We begin with the basics and fundamentals that are imperative when beginning to connect to the Angelic Realm. This is why we begin with Protection, Grounding and Cleansing. In order to move forward and upward, we need to be protected and secured with Mother Earth and Source.


Next we define the Ascension process and how it may be affecting you in your daily lives. By understanding the process, the easier it is to maneuver in your evolving reality.

The next step,

is all about your power centers called Chakras. These are amazing assets that were given to balance and align your vessel with the Highest Realms. You think you know about Chakras - until you take this class.

Each course was designed to build off the next for your gradual spiritual growth.


Connect with Your Angels

After getting all the basic fundamentals out of the way, you are ready to connect with your Angelic Guides. In each module, Dr. Katana will lead you with an Angelically guided meditation to strengthen your connection with your Angelic Team.

What's Included?


Protection & Grounding

Are you feeling off or disconnected and can’t explain it? While we are going through this ascension shift, you may feel unstable and at times surrounded by chaos. You may feel bombarded by negative energies and find yourself in toxic environments and/or relationships.

Learn why grounding is essential in your everyday life. It keeps you stable and sane in this chaotic reality. Also discover ways to protect yourself and cleanse so that you are only attracting the highest vibrations around you and not picking up unwanted energies from others. This is a great class for empaths, highly sensitives, or those who feel bogged down by negativity.

  • Balance out your life to achieve your Highest Essence

  • Be protected from lower draining energies

  • Cleanse from negative psychic debris


The Great Awakening

You are awakening… you are experiencing changes, unexplained symptoms and situations in your life. There is a calling to connect with your angels and guides for more clarity and direction. You are ready to embark on your spiritual journey but you don’t know where to start.

Here we explain the Ascension process that unfolds as you become “awake” to your inner true self. As a Lightworker, you are here to help humanity through your life purpose and soul mission. Learn your innate gifts and modalities on how to accomplish this. Get the answers you seek, and connect with your Angelic Team.

  • Recognize Awakening Symptoms

  • Find out your Modalities – your Clairsenses

  • Meet your Guardian Angels and Guides


Chakra Cleansing for the Soul

This is not your ordinary Chakra class. Not only do we teach you how to cleanse, clear and balance your chakras but why it is important for your overall well-being.

Alignment falls easily into place when your 7 main power centers are working together in harmony. Learn the purpose of each main chakra and how it affects your physical and emotional planes.In this fun and interactive class, we present various Katana cleansing techniques including working with a pendulum.


Join us and implement a daily regiment to keep you humming along and feeling good!


Highlights of this class include:

  • Balance Your 7 Main Chakras

  • Katana Cleansing Techniques

  • Working with a Pendulum